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GoDaddy Site Builder and Search Engine Optimization? Don’t Even Bother!

Due to the fact name recommends, this website post describes our knowledge about GoDaddy Website Builder (no matter its variation – “Personal”, “Business” or “Business Plus”) although we were wanting to enhance the on-site Search Engine Optimization of a customer. Its function is certainly not to harm GoDaddy’s reputation but alternatively to greatly help small businesses understand that GoDaddy’s site Builder isn’t the information administration system (CMS) this is certainly suitable for reaching the salient online existence that is therefore vital for small businesses’ survival in this age that is highly competitive.

As always, during our initial analysis of your client’s situation, we made a listing of conditions that needed action. To call several, the robots.txt file was not configured properly, there were two versions of the true website plus one would have to be 301-redirected to another, there was clearly no Schema.org implemented to markup our client’s company data, reviews and items, no map pointing to your Google+ regional listing ended up being embedded, etc.

We knew that the web site ended up being hosted on GoDaddy’s internet site Builder, which we’d no knowledge about, so our concept would be to you will need to perform the optimizations about it and in case unsuccessful – move the web site to WordPress and hosting that is regular.

That which we learned is the fact that while being the way that is cheapest to host an internet site on GoDaddy (that makes it a very cheap choice altogether), the web site Builder didn’t permit you to perform virtually any action that a normal web web hosting allows one to. GoDaddy promote their device once the option that is best with their non-technical customers – a very easy tool with 100per cent hassle-free setup and upkeep to present your enterprise with a comfy fundamental website.

That is real (the “comfortable fundamental website” part may be argued), nevertheless it is actually exactly what a WordPress website hosted with regular web web web hosting services offers you, too, except WordPress is nowhere near as restricting. Let me reveal my advice to all or any small businesses – don’t get intimidated by exactly exactly how “technically demanding” it’s to create a WordPress website and “undersell” your on line existence to a web page Builder internet site. Also in case it is a little little more complex to put together and continue maintaining a WordPress website, even although you have to pay some body a hundred or so bucks to do this (which will be a entirely affordable cost when it comes to task), it really is worth every penny in the end. GoDaddy’s Website Builder is too restricting SEO-, design and development-wise also when it comes to many modest consumers.

The absolute most part that is shocking GoDaddy site Builder is the fact that you don’t already have use of the FTP and also the database. It is possible to imagine the restricted abilities that derive from this kind of limitation. As an example, despite the fact that there is certainly a robots.txt file that is filled in with GoDaddy’s standard settings (the pictures folder is disallowed by default – how cool is that!), these are generally unchangeable site builder as the robots.txt is inaccessible. We even contacted GoDaddy’s help center and asked them to improve the Robots.txt guidelines for people but unfortuitously they responded that it is not something they help. The consumer rep stated straight that the objective of GoDaddy site Builder is always to assist fundamental users produce a website that is basic something such as a company card. So anything “too advanced level” will be impractical to implement – exact exact same applies to our suggestions to 301 redirect one of many true home pages to another (the .htaccess file is inaccessible because we don’t get access to the FTP), custom HTML code can’t be inserted, etc. so fundamentally the concern that arises is “what can one actually do with GoDaddy Website Builder to implement at the least some SEO that is basic. Well, you can easily nevertheless:

  • Write quality content that is high
  • optimize your titles on pages
  • optimize the tags that are heading
  • edit the meta information (they don’t have any value SEO-wise but may increase click-through-rates)
  • choose which pages become within the XML sitemap
  • do minor HTML alterations in respect to text positioning, fonts and colors (please, remember that in the event that you take to to make usage of Schema.org markup that might be impossible because each time you insert the rule, the “itemscope” feature just gets stripped down, making the code invalid – one other characteristics stay intact though)

Our Suggestion

That which we advised to your customer was to migrate their GoDaddy site Builder built site to WordPress so we can implement all our Search Engine Optimization recommendations. The primary concern he previously had been that keeping their web site can be very difficult for him because he would need to discover ways to handle WordPress. We made a decision to provide him a consultation that is free get their means around WordPress that is in no way a great deal more tough to handle than GoDaddy Website Builder.

We suggest you buy hosting from a well-reputed company and use WordPress as a CMS if you are a small business owner and are looking for an easy way to create and maintain a website. Like that you are going to have the ability to fully use Search Engine Optimization recommendations with no limits.

Do any experience is had by you with GoDaddy Website Builder? Please, comment below!

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