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Low Pass Rate

Beneath Malta’s Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Act, practitioners who wish to act as agents in the field that includes cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) must successfully complete a brief training course and pass an exam.

Noting that the exam took place in September, Malta’s Times reported on Thursday:

The evaluation process that was official was failed by Virtually two-thirds of those applying for cryptocurrency agent certificate .

The exam was set by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and administered by the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners.

The information outlet quoted sources revealing that about 250 attorneys, accountants, and auditors took. « Once the test papers were rated, it became apparent the pass rate was extremely low, » the book conveyed, including that »Even after the changes that the pass rate was just 39 percent and bitcoin casino game broadcasts . »

License Required

According to the MFSA’s consultation document for VFA service providers, »any person who is supplying a VFA agency… shall within twelve months apply for a permit with the competent authority in terms of Article 14 to the Act, » the CBS Group described.

The MFSA wrote, »It has also become evident that certain industry players aren’t sufficiently prepared to enroll as VFA agents. » The regulator, therefore, proposes a number of additional rules for them to comply. They include increasing regulatory fees and ongoing capital requirements as well as the initialbest anonomous bitcoin casino bitcoin casino with practice play mode Additionally, the MFSA proposes »introducing a rigorous competence assessment » and »a mandatory requirement for Continuous Professional Education. »

The Times of Malta elaborated, »The VFA Act is just one of three new laws forming part of the government’s'Blockchain Island’ strategy and which seek to govern the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, » adding that »It will enter into force in November. » Other than trading cryptocurrencies the novel, and issuing ICOs clarified:

Companies looking to offer other financial asset services, such as investment advice or portfolio management require an agent to apply for a licence.

What do you think of the low pass rate for the Maltese cryptocurrency agent certification examination? Let us know in the comments section below.

Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock and MFSA.

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